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Flying the flag for culture, the arts and everything cool in Australia, Melbourne is just packed with great things to do and interesting people to do them with. From excellent eateries to awesome street art, theatre, music, shopping and museums, Melbourne is a city that encourages its residents and visitors to get out there and experience the lot.

You might have recently moved to Melbourne – perhaps for work or a new lease of life – or perhaps you’re a long-time resident in search of new outlets. Whatever your reasons, here are five great tips for getting down and sociable in Melbourne.

Use your contacts

Consider the network you’ve already got – work colleagues, friends of friends, long-lost cousins. The list might be small to begin with, but let them know you’re in town and would like to catch up over a drink. They might then introduce you to their friends, opening up a whole new network to you.

Join an interest group

Whether it’s a joining the local football club, taking up a sewing class or joining a book club or a bush-walking group, there’s no better way of finding people who share similar interests. If you hit it off with your new group, that’s a ready-made circle of friends.

Local events

People love community events – they’re made to measure for someone who wants to just turn up and have a chat. This might be the local farmers’ market, an arts event or a festival. Striking up conversations is a great way to make connections in your local community and to find out what other events might be coming up.

Go online

Don’t forget that the online world increasingly helps us to have a better experience of the rest of the world. If you use a social network like Twitter you can easily connect with people who have similar interests. If you’re looking to date the locals, the internet is now a popular place to search for a partner. As with many cities in Australia dating websites allow you to search for singles in your area – you can meet Melbourne singles at and many other online dating sites. We all know that meeting people can be tough, especially if you are in a new city, but by going online you can make it a whole lot easier.

Take a trip out of town

With the sights of Wilson’s Promontory, the walking tracks of the Dandenong Ranges, and artistic small towns like Castlemaine, there are loads of places to visit near Melbourne, and making an excursion to one of these places is a great way to meet someone. You might do this through an organised tour, or you might simply strike up a conversation with someone on the train.

It takes a bit of a leap sometimes to really go out there and meet new people, and sometimes it can be a slog before you make strong connections. But with time and perseverance you can form a network which makes it totally worth it. In a city with so much to offer like Melbourne, its best experiences will be offered through the people you share them with.

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